Thursday, 17 November 2011

We've Got Our Arsenal Back!

Recent weeks and months has seen us witness a lot of unrest amongst Gooners. We've all seen the billboards, we've all heard of the 'walks' to the ground and we are all well aware of the spiralling ticket costs. That said, one thing remains constant, our love of Arsenal FC. At the beginning of the season there was an unhealthy unrest in our support. Vocal songs about the dislike of Samir Nasri and lack of investement was all summed up in one dire display at Old Trafford. That day however has proved pivotal in our season. The Away Support instead of turning on the side united in face of adversity, our aspirations as supporters changed and we could only dream of days Bergkamp and Co graced our famous pitch. Whilst we did a lot of soul searching Wenger was quietly piecing together a side that was extremely low on confidence.

So it was only right that we were all a bit apprehensive going into the Chelsea game. The outcome however was unimaginable. I do believe that we took a lot of confidence from the two sitters Gervinho & Van Persie missed. I created a belief that we could create, something we have lacked in recent visits to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge. Wenger worked wonders at half time and we were on top in a matter of minutes. Then the fear returned, the nice kind. The stomach churning nervous tension, knowing we were unlikely to hold on with 35 minutes to play. The fact a big game was on the line demonstrated to me that Arsenal were indeed back. Koscielny threw himself at shot from Mata, much in the way Keown, Adams and Bould would have done. The midfield was full of running. I know you'll still have it saved on your sky+ box, check out Aaron Ramsey's run to the halfway line when Van Persie scores the fifth. He can barely run but his determination drove him forward. The header by Rosicky in that same move showed he was willing to put his body on the line for the cause as well. I hadn't experienced hat sort of desire from our team for a very long time.

The scenes at Full Time were that of relief but also it also instilled a belief amongst the players that they can compete. The Arsenal away end was that of joyous scenes.

A place where everyone wanted the same thing, no hidden agendas, no serving your own arguements, just pure support of the team we love to watch compete on a football pitch for 90 minutes. The negativity has gone and we are doing the right thing, backing those that wear the red and white. That to me is my Arsenal.

The week that followed was great, every football programme known to man was exhausted. My Mrs is sick to death of re-runs of the game. We drew with Marseille in an After The Lord Mayors Special but the fear set in before the WBA game. Surely we wouldn't beat Ch3l5ea and lose to WBA? If anyone could do that, it would be us. Especially after conceding 5 to them last season. In truth, they were the worst side to visit The Emirates this season. The offered nothing, although Fosters passing to Wenger was a joy to behold. We were patient, Ramsey slipped in Walcott with a very Cesc-esque pass, he should have scored but RVP was on hand to slot home and further celebrate his deserved monthly awards.  The feel good atmosphere was further enhanced when Vermaelen slotted home to make it 2-0. We completed crusied it. Arteta got the goal his 180 minutes v Ch3l5ea and WBA deserved and everyone went home happy (some earlier than others, as the usual 85th minute fire drill kicked in).

He isn't worthy!!
 Now we face a tricky fixture against the lively Norwich but the international games hasn't had it's usual knock on effect and in fact we are lapping up, even Diaby is training. Amazing how players return when things are going for you isn't it? That said a lot of players have enhanced their reputations of late. Mertesacker and Koscielny have been amazing recently, Dave even recieved a well justified call up and international cap for Les Bleus. Arteta is growing into the midfielder we need. I did have concerns we'd bought Denilson II but he has started moving the ball from back to front a lot quicker and that has helped free up the ever flourishing Ramsey and when that results in your striker getting more chances and if that striker happens to be Dutch, then everyone is a winner. He really has been a joy to watch, even John Terry has respected the ground that he walks on.

Lets hope things continue as they should do. Norwich (A) and Fulham (H), I expect 6 points.

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  1. yeay, the real football is back. It's not easy game but i'm confident we will win. Come on you Gunners!