Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Illustrious Armband

So another summer and another captain. The question is who is it going to be and what are they going to bring to the table. Whoever it is will have a tough job on their hands, as the previous skipper did create a very positive atmosphere and their was a real togetherness amongst the side. Unfortunately our former captain threw himself under a bus and wishes to have his entire Arsenal career count for nothing. So who are the candidates, well you can probably work them out for yourselves but I've shortlisted four potential suitors.

Tomáš Rosický
Why not start with the captain of the Czech national side? Tomáš set a new seasons best 38 appearances last season and he certainly has experience on his side. He also has the trust of his manage and whenever Arsène speaks about him it's always positive and it looks like a coaching position beckons after he retires. Although it's highly unlikely Tomáš will be given the armband, he can't be overlooked. He's played in huge tournaments and many a big game, so he's knows more than most.

Bacary Sagna
Bac is probably the second most popular candidate for the role. He's our most consistent and best defender and he'd fully warrant any new found responsibilities. He is however returning from an injury hit season and he could probably do with overcoming his rather fragile leg and just getting another season behind him. I also feel that our current formation also isolates his ability to communicate with the rest of the side. His protection is 60 yards ahead of him on the field of play and that will have an impact.  

Mikel Arteta

Well I never thought after our desperado deadline day signings that Arteta would be in the running but he is because he was given the armband versus Leeds in the FA Cup last season. Arteta proved an integral part of the Arsenal machine last season and he was sorely missed in January and at the end of the season when we won only one game in his absence. Giving him the authority of being skipper could just be what Alex Song needs too. Then there's the disciplined approach he adopts in every game, always sacrificing himself for the good of the team, which is a very favourable attribute to have. Seems like he has a lot in his favour...

Thomas Vermaelen

Give me the bloody armband, now!
Then there's the front runner, our current vice-captain. I think we all know he's pretty much nailed on to get the role but I can't help but feel he's the wrong selection. He's everything that Arteta isn't, he's reckless with his style of play taking far too many gambles and then there's his ill-disciplined side, much like Song when he's in the zone he's quality but there's a massive tendency to play his own game. His forays forward leave us exposed and we lose our shape and I just don't think those are the sort of attributes that befit a Captain these days but that aside he did sign a new contract so he is committed unlike some so I can't be too critical.

So there you have it, the likely skipper is Vermaelen but I'd love Wenger to spring a surprise and keep the players on their toes by announcing Arteta as El Capitan. If truth be told Jack should get the captains armband in the next few years just so long as he conquers his fear of grass. If we can get him on the pitch and Arteta can pass on his wealth of experience we might just be onto a winner there.

Let me know your views? Are their any more dark horses for role? Who do you want and why?


  1. Hi,
    Just finished reading your post and thought it was great. Good to hear honesty from a fellow arsenal fan regarding the captaincy. I'd love to see either Arteta or Vermaelen with the armband. Although, I wouldn't mind who Asrene chooses as long as that person is lifting the Premier League in May

  2. Thanks for posting James. I totally agree, it would magnificent in the could get their hands on some silverware. It's been far too long.