Wednesday, 19 March 2014

1-0 To The Arsenal

Well wasn't that just an absolute belter of a weekend? I have to say I started the day in a quietly confident mood and I never really contemplated defeat at any point, often that thought process can be my undoing but I genuinely didn't feel that there was anything to fear, not even Mike Dean. My mood was backed up when I got inside White Hart Lane, I'd never seen so many happy and enthusiastic gooners prior to kick, everyone was chomping at the bit. 

Our mood infected the side and it gave Rosicky some super human powers as he destroyed the spurs  goal inside of 2 minutes. What an absolute piledriver. I'm probably his biggest critic when it comes to his end product but that was majestic. That's what he can do, he just needs to do it more often. Not wonder strikes but just more goals please Tomas. 

Then it was time to shut the door on Sp*rs. They were absolutely clueless. Adebayor did his lets look pretty on the wing trick to perfection. Not much danger when he's not in the middle and even when Szczesny had an absolute nightmare for a minute they still couldn't score. They've absolutely shafted themselves with the Bale money. There's nothing more to spend and they've got a hyperactive hamster on the sidelines. It's like the good old days.

Speaking of which, there are few things more satisfying than a 1-0 to The Arsenal scoreline. I've seen lots of talk about how poor we played going forward but how great we were at the back. Why does there always have to be a positive negative within our fan base? We won at Tottenham but you want to hyper analyse things to get your weekly negativity injection. Just bloody enjoy it is what I'd say. For the last few years the gap was closing, they got a bit cocky and got bitten on the arse. The media talked about how there a was a power shift, their manager said we were going into a negative spiral and look at us now. We've played them three times this season and they haven't even managed a single goal to celebrate. Bless them. They continue to outdo themselves as well. Sherwood is talking like a man possessed. Apparently we papered over the cracks yesterday? What cracks and whose paper are we using? Would those be the cracks that saw us win without Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Walcott. He's an absolute idiot. Anyway, Sherwood's taking me off topic. We won in a gritty dogged fashion that I was accustomed to when George Graham was in charge. It's like a thing of defensive beauty. We score, then it's up to you to break us down, lets see what you have. What they had was a long ball and that's just not going to cut it. It was a tactical performance. The subs reinforced our belief that we didn't need a second, they helped the concentration levels and we kept our focus. It's not looking as calamitous at the back as we once were. I have no issues with performances like what I saw yesterday. After all, isn't it what people have been saying we aren't capable of?

A massive factor in yesterdays win was victory against Everton. The fact our season will carry on until mid-April plays a huge part. The pressure is lifted, the players can breathe, relax and believe in themselves. The happiness amongst our support is brilliant to see as well. Everyone was buzzing on Sunday, it felt like it was just one song after another, if it wasn't signing about the invincible side, it was about our upcoming trip to wembley. If we weren't mocking their club motto, we goading their arsenal supporting gaffer. Everyone was on top form. All I ever want from my team is to believe they can compete and challenge for honours. I don't expect there to be silverware at the end of the rainbow but just supplying those better moments later in the season takes you to a new level of enjoyment and satisfaction. 

The last couple of seasons has been turbulent in terms of our ambitions but what has been manifesting itself is the connection between the players and the fans. For too long I've questioned players attitudes and commit to the cause but they loved that as much as we did. They know how important that is to us. I can't say I've felt connections with some of our recent sides but this works. The rapport between the two camps of supporters and players has probably never been as close in my lifetime. Under Graham, we were regimental and in the Emirates Wenger era we've just been littered with players willing to stab us in the back. We've formed a trust with our players, we accept their shortcomings and in return they accept ours. Mertesacker leads the way. The big lumbering hopeless centre half isn't turning out too bad is he? What an absolute colossus that man is and you know his partner in crime (admittedly a little more reckless) isn't too bad either. 

It didn't take too long but you can see the impact Bould has had on the back four. He has recreated the famous back five, admittedly they are head and shoulders about our current defence but the foundations have been set. Mertesacker and Koscielny put it all on the line. They defend as if their very lives depend on it. They defend as is they enjoy the art of defending. Something we haven't had since the days of Adams and co. Instead we've had players like Toure, Gallas and Vermaelen. Players who like to play but all had defensive shortcomings. It's just refreshing and delightful to watch. 

You'll have no doubt seen we are still outsiders in terms of the betting when it comes to winning the league but that's down to fear of schedule we are currently enduring but if we manage to get a draw against Chelsea, I think we'll begin to shorten quite rapidly. That said, I'm happy to fly under the radar.  It suits us best. After the result at the weekend we go into the game against Chelsea in good spirit and form, which is more than can be said about them considering their implosion at Villa Park. We don't have to deal with that little snake Ramires either, the type of player that throws off guard but he won't be available on Saturday. I sense there'll be a lot of bad blood between Wenger and Mourinho, particularly as the latter will no doubt be unaware until the media throw him the "it's Wenger's 1000th game" line. The Portuguese egotistical maniac will probably end up doing Wenger's work for him and  if we could achieve a victory then the other challengers might just start to take us a little bit more seriously. However, until Saturday comes just enjoy what the team have given you on Sunday and pack away your miserable, negative ways and save them for when the time is right because for now the world's so much better once you've beaten Tottenham for the third time in seven months. 

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