Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Best (and Worst) of Wenger's Reign

In celebration of Arsene reaching 1000 games it seems to be trendy to pick his best XI of his time at Arsenal. So in keeping with that theme why don't we branch out? So I've prepared a few different XI's and see what you think.

The Best

Seaman - 1.3m
Lauren - 7.2m
Adams - Free
Campbell - Free
Cole - Free
Pires - 6m
Vieira - 3.5m
Fabregas - Free
Ljungberg - 3m
Bergkamp - 7.5m
Henry - 11m

Total Cost = 39.5m

Pretty straight forward for me. There may be some discussion over right back with Lauren v Sagna but I'm a sucker for The Invincibles and that swayed it. Not sure there are many others up for debate? Overmars? Left too soon to be considered for a starting berth.  Worth noting that Wenger didn't sign all of that team though.

The Worst

This is tough, forgive me if I have blocked out some absolute horrors.

Wright - 6m
Luzhny - 1.8m
Squillaci - 4m
Cygan - 2m
Silvestre - 800k
Hleb - 10m
Mendez-Rodriguez - 330k
Gervinho - 10.5m
Vivas - 2m
Jeffers -  8m
Diawara - 2.5m

Many, many players could have made that team but there are some shockers in there. From players from the lower reaches of the German league to the fox in the box.

Total Cost = 47.9m

The Most Expensive

I'm relaying purely on memory so forgive me if there are any errors here. Feel free to correct me

Wright - 6m
Sagna - 7.9m
Vermaelen - 10.5m
Koscielny - 9m
Monreal - 8.3m
Nasri 13.6m
Arshavin 16m
Reyes - 13m
Wiltord - 13m
Cazorla - 16m
Ozil - 42m

Total Cost = 155.9m

I'm sure you could go on and on. but they are just a select few that I have chosen. I'd love to see your best and worst teams, feel free to comment below. One thing is for sure though, 1000 games is a fantastic achievement and each and every club has their skeletons in the closet. You can't always get it right every time.

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